You will now be shown a series of statements about the way you work.

Please read them carefully and rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of them.
Partnership Performance Self-Appraisal

I deliver high quality work thoroughly and with care, following established processes and procedures. *

I complete my work within agreed timeframes and specifications. I never miss a deadline or delay a project. *

My work is meaningful and contributes to our agreed high-level goals and objectives. *

I communicate well and clearly. *

I am committed and passionate. *

I proactively help others. *

I am creative and open to innovation. *

I get things done fast. *

I am pragmatic, tenacious and bold. *

Goal Accomplishments

I accomplished all of the goals listed in my last performance review. *

What have been your most significant accomplishments since your last performance review? *

Make sure to also describe what you would have liked to have done, but were unable to.
Goal Setting & Development Planning

And what goals would you like to set yourself for the coming evaluation period? *

Make sure to describe the actions you will take to accomplish them.
Which professional development activities would you find helpful for improving your job performance and accomplishing your goals? *

How could your manager better support you and increase your job satisfaction? *

Consider, for example, additional resources or tools you would like to have access to.
What is your first name? *

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